About Us


No risk. Pass your account in just 1-2-3 calendar days.

We trade to pass your prop firm challenge first. You pay later.

Our services are 100% passing. You pay nothing until you are passed.

  • We will make you PASS prop firm challenges and get Funded Trading Capital first. You will pay after passing.
  • We are a group of private traders with 10+ Years of consistency in the financial markets.
  • Our only mission is to ensure that every trader struggling with low capital gets FUNDED and makes consistent income in the long run.


  1. We don't collect any payment from the beginning.
  2. Clients will pay after passing (within 3 days, most cases are in 24 hours).
  3. There are so many scammers outside there. Look at what we promise not to collect your $ until tomorrow we pass it.
  4. It is $999 cost. No matter how your account size. Our service is fixed at $US999. Pick the account size of your choice.